Scarica TeamSpeak Server 3.0.0 (32-bit)

TeamSpeak Server 3.0.0 (32-bit)

Da TeamSpeak Systems GmbH  (Freeware non commerciale)
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* disable_db_logging set to true by default
* serversnapshotdeploy can deploy into a new virtualserver now, to archive this do a "use 0" just before the command
* clients table got a new field "client_lastip" where we store last ip used by the client
* clientdbinfo, clientdblist, clientdbfind does show client_lastip
* fixed clientdblist count parameter returned always 1
* fixed issue where server kept status virtual_online while using logout command
* fixed problem where a channel you could not subscribe was not automatically unsubscribed when you left it
* fixed issue where VIRTUALSERVER_ASK_FOR_PRIVILEGEKEY && VIRTUALSERVER_AUTOGENERATED_PRIVILEGEKEY where exported/imported through a snapshot
* fixed issues with channel permission wont take values from clientchannel permissions
* fixed multiple complains by one user possibility if autoban count is set to two
* fixed strange serverquery password behavior
* improved client traffic reset performance
* improved database performance