Scarica TeamViewer 10.0.45471

TeamViewer 10.0.45471

Da TeamViewer GmbH  (Freeware non commerciale)
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- It is now possible to select a TeamViewer policy for Custom Host modules that is automatically assigned when installing the module
- It is now possible to invite contacts without a TeamViewer account to TeamViewer
- The message box that displays after a remote reboot now also shows the device name
- The VPN driver can now be installed on Windows 10
- Now you can reply to chat messages from contacts shared with you even if they have activated "Only partners in my list may see my online status and send messages to me" in their options
- Fixed a bug where the video source settings were not saved after restarting the TeamViewer Client
- Fixed a bug that could cause a delay when logging in to Windows while TeamViewer service was running
- Fixed a bug where a meeting or video call session sometimes closed automatically when a participant joined it
- Fixed a bug that could cause the keyboard not to work anymore after closing a connection
- Fixed a bug during a file transfer that occurred when the file already existed on the receiver side and the confirmation dialog to overwrite was displayed
- Fixed a bug where sometimes, after switching the presenter in a meeting, a file would be removed from the File Box
- Minor improvements and fixes