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The Bat! Home Edition 6.0.4

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# New features
* The support of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) has been implemented
* 32-bit and 64-bit versions are now available (The new The Bat! 64-bit version will be released after November 21, 2013.)
* it is now possible to save message text in the UTF-8 format
* the new %COPY("text", start, count) macro allows extracting a portion of characters provided by “text” starting from a certain character, e.g. %COPY("%otext", 1, 100) will return 100 characters starting from the first character of the original message text while replying or forwarding messages.
* Sorting Office: a new action to extract files by masks
# Improvements
* The Bat! 6.0 became a fully-Unicode application
* Optimized interface display on high DPI monitors
# Fixes
* issues regarding the import of messages from large UNIX-mailbox files have been eliminated
* the Address Book remembers the "Lock Toolbars" option now
* the widths of the filter list columns in the Sorting Office are now remembered
* the problems connected with message Tags have been resolved