Scarica Total Commander 7.55 beta 1

Total Commander 7.55 beta 1

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Da Christian Ghisler in Shareware

- Added: New icons for background operation (folder/sheet with two green arrows), 24x24 sheet for files without icon
- Fixed: The self-extractor of the installer package will also report version 7.55 (Alt+Enter on installer)
- Fixed: Lister started via /S=L parameter: Show error if invalid/unknown code page is passed in, e.g. /S=L:AT1C57030 <filename>
- Fixed: Show error if TcUsbRun.exe is run, user chooses to install the tool, but totalcmd.exe isn't found
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs, by content, encrypted archive -> user was asked for the password a second time even if he pressed Cancel
- Fixed: Make sure that "show directory in tree" isn't called twice at the same time
- Fixed: F5 copy, click on "Background" in progress dialog -> Background progress was not displayed completely inside the screen on Windows Vista/7 with Aero
- Fixed: Drag&Drop with a touchpad: When ending the drag with a right touchpad button press, the files were copied, not moved (because TC was using the state of the drag icon since 7.50RC2)
- Fixed: Could not connect to certain older vsftpd versions -> Session re-use can be turned off via SpecialFlags=128 (in wcx_ftp.ini, either section [General] or per connection)
- Fixed: Ctrl+Q on archive: First look for string "readme", then "read" if not found. Don't show files where the extension starts with
- Fixed: TcUsbRun.exe was not showing an error if removal as normal user failed
- Fixed: F5 add to archive, Synchronize dirs: Refuse to add files to an existing plugin archive if the plugin doesn't report PK_CAPS_MODIFY support
- Fixed: FTP: There was no overwrite warning if the function "show only selected" was used on the server side, so the target file was hidden

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