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Total Commander 7.56

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Da Christian Ghisler  (Shareware)
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Total Commander 8.51a

- Fixed: New unrar.dll crashes on certain damaged archives -> return to unrar.dll from TC 7.55a
- Fixed: Workaround to possible security flaw in Windows html help module (loading dlls from wrong directory)
- Fixed: Lister, UTF-8 search forward or backward could hang with 255 character search string
- Fixed: F5 copy, option "Copy to all selected folders/links": In branch view, the file was only copied to subdirs, not to the base dir, even if a file was selected there
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Highlight text color wrong when not using SyncSelBack option
- Fixed: Do not show old search results in "Expand selection" - "Define"
- Fixed: Master password dialog: Maximum password length (256 characters) could only be entered via copy+paste, not by typing it (3 characters less)
- Fixed: New unrar.dll was hanging on Windows 9x/ME
- Fixed: Could not copy file from inside one archive to archive in other panel if the other was a self-extracting archive from a plugin (e.g. 7zip)