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- VMM: improved support for certain Intel Atom CPUs
- VMM: system register emulation fix
- GUI: fixed immediate screenshot issue
- GUI: fixed another 3D overlay window reparenting issue when the VM is switched to fullscreen mode on X11 hosts
- GUI: fixed help index
- GUI: fixed state synchronization issue in the VM manager window when VM was paused from its runtime window
- Audio: fixed suspending/resuming audio streams on VM pause/unpause
- Audio: properly reset AC97 audio streams, otherwise there is silence until a non-48 kHz stream is played
- Audio: fixed a small emulation quirk of the AD1980 codec of the HDA device to make recent linux guests work
- USB: serveral fixes for the xHCI controller
- USB: fixed a crash under certain conditions on hosts with Linux kernels older than version 3.3
- USB: better identification of certain USB devices
- NAT: support TCP in DNS proxy
- NAT Network: fixed sporadic crashes on Windows hosts
- API: when creating differencing images (e.g. as part of a snapshot or cloning a VM) use the same disk image variant as the parent image if possible, which means that e.g. a diff image for a VMDK image split into 2 GB files will also be split
- API: event queue handling fixes preventing loss of certain events at runtime (e.g. new webcam attached), particularly important on Mac OS X hosts
- Webcam: passthrough fix for certain devices (Windows hosts only)
- VBoxManage: don't crash on snapshot restorecurrent / edit if the VM has no snapshots
- VBoxManage: don't crash on controlvm addencpassword
- Mac OS X hosts: use the correct kernel on certain hosts
- Windows hosts: fixed VRDP external authentication
- Windows hosts: allow to use a shared folder path with extended-length path prefix
- Windows hosts: fix a crash in the netfilter host driver under certain conditions
- Windows host installer: documented and fixed public properties which can be used to control the installation to some extent
- Windows host installer: fixed not starting the actual installation when showing the version information or help dialogs
- X11 Additions: added basic support for X.Org Server 1.18 (3D requires additional fixes)