Scarica Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3416

Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3416

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Da Nullsoft  (Freeware)

* New: XSPF playlist support (read only support, write support to follow)
- (adds: Winamp\System\xspf.w5s - an updated version of the one available on forum)
* Fixed: Not playing the first song next when clearing then adding items to playlist
- (a ~15yr old bug/issue finally bites the dust!)
* Fixed: [Bento Browser] Potential security vulnerabilities (thanks Julien Ahrens,
* Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Potential security vulnerabilities (thanks Julien Ahrens,
- Fixed classic EQ flashing onscreen at Winamp startup when using a modern skin
- Installer now removes gen_crasher so it's not present in final builds
- (i.e. beta & final installers both remove it first, but only the beta build then installs it after)
- Don't save winamp.m3u(8) on exit if no changes have been made to active playlist
- Added version info for DLLs (nsutil, tataki, zlib, libmp4v2, nde, libflac, etc)
- Added version info to w5s components
- [gen_ml / ml_downloads] Added option to group Downloads node under Podcasts (Prefs > Media Library > Tree Options tab)
- [ml_history] Added error message to "reset database" on corruption (same behaviour as ml_local)
- [ml_disc] Fixed sending songs to burner (was broken in last few builds); Plus other misc tweaks/fixes
- [ml_pmp] Fixed "All" setting not being remembered in Prefs > Portables > (device) > Podcast Sync tab > Sync > most recent episodes of *
- [ml_rg] Fixed: Cancel button & not saving position of results dialog in all scenarios
- [gen_crasher] Tweak to help keep the crash dialog above crashed Winamp instance
- [nde] Fixed a rare mem leak; plus a possible fix for random wiping of db files...
- Various crash fixes from crash reports
- Various other misc tweaks/fixes/etc.