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WinSCP 5.5.4

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- TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1h. It fixes CVE-2014-0224 vulnerability among other.
- Added SessionOptions.TimeoutInMilliseconds as an alternative to SessionOptions.Timeout that can be used from COM hosts not supporting 64-bit integers (such as VBA).
- Support for size and time constraints in wildcard parameter of ls command.
- Using Documents and Desktop subfolders of home directory, if exist, as “Document” and “Desktop” folders under Wine.
- Incremental site search is case sensitive when search text includes any capital letter.
- Support OS.unix=symlink designation of symbolic links in MLSD listing.
- Bug fix: Show inaccessible directories option was incorrectly hiding folders from root.
- Bug fix: Sorting by type is not consistent between local and remote panel.
- Bug fix: Passphrase prompt is missing an option to remember it for the duration of a session.
- Bug fix: During command-line operation, hidden main window is incorrectly shown when restoring application from tray.
- Bug fix: Mouse range selection does not start from focused file after passive panel directory reload.
- Bug fix: SynchronizationCriteria.None and SynchronizationCriteria.Either are not working.
- Bug fix: Invalid proxy autodetection when system Internet Option Use the same proxy for all protocols is turned off.
- Bug fix: Error when using source path ending with backslash with put command.
- Bug fix: Some certificate errors did not show any description.
- Bug fix: When remembering session password is enabled, stored password is used twice, even for two distinct consecutive keyboard-interactive prompts.
- Bug fix: FTP proxy session setting is not logged.
- Bug fix: Failure when current local directory is deleted while no session is opened.
- Bug fix: Connection attempt could not be canceled.
- Bug fix: Tree of current directory on network drive is not refreshed.
- Bug fix: Number of filtered local directories were not shown in status bar.
- Bug fix: Wrong reason is given when checking for application updates fail.