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WinSCP 5.7.6

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- Translation completed: Spanish.
- Upgraded private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) to 0.65.
- Workaround for ProFTPD using cdir type in MLST response when retrieving listing for a current working directory.
- Workaround for FTP servers that incorrectly use RFC 2228-style response to MLST command.
- Perform TLS/SSL handshake on transfer connection immediately when connected to Idea FTP server (
- Recognize WebDAV folder by trailing slash in its path, if the server does not provide DAV:collection tag.
- Bug fix: Failure when spinning a mouse wheel over a Find/Replace dialogs of Internal editor.
- Bug fix: Failure when dropping files from application that fails to provide CF_HDROP.
- Bug fix: Failure when Windows session is closing while no session is connected.
- Bug fix: Cannot download root folder from an FTP server that does not support MLSD or SIZE and MDTM commands.
- Bug fix: Queue setting on Copy dialog is lost when different transfer setting preset is selected.
- Bug fix: File timestamps are incorrectly adjusted for autodetected positive timezone difference.