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WinSCP 5.7.3

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* Using FTP command SIZE in binary mode.
* Optionally determining local file icon by extension only.
* Ensuring that sessions to be opened in a new window does not get actually opened back in the existing window.
* Bug fix: SFTP transfers fail occasionally.
* Bug fix: Controls occasionally do not align correctly after restoring maximized window from minimization.
* Bug fix: Embedded session is not opened.
* Bug fix: SCP session breaks when an output includes a null character.
* Bug fix: Error retrieving file attributes with FTP protocol when the path is given with trailing slash.
* Bug fix: Sort arrow was shown on unsortable Find dialog.
* Bug fix: File mask with size constraint over 4 GB does not work.
* Bug fix: When dragging files from local panel to local tree, status bar is not updated.
* Bug fix: Local directory tree does not show newly created folder.
* Bug fix: Local directory tree stops reflecting changes after creating new folder.
* Bug fix: Failure when HTTPS WebDAV URL redirects to HTTP.
* Bug fix: Certificate validation fails, when HTTP WebDAV URL redirects to HTTPS.
* Bug fix: Some redirected WebDAVS connection error messages show original host name instead of the actual host name.
* Bug fix: WebDAVS certificate failure override for redirected session is stored for original host name.
* Bug fix: During file transfers on FTP servers that do not support MLSD command, file details are not provided on overwrite confirmation prompt and transfer progress is not shown correctly.
* Bug fix: Edit commands on all Internal editors reflect state of the currently focused editor, instead of their editor.