Scarica Wireshark 1.12.1 (32-bit)

Wireshark 1.12.1 (32-bit)

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* The following vulnerabilities have been fixed.
- MEGACO dissector infinite loop.
- Netflow dissector crash.
- CUPS dissector crash.
- HIP dissector infinite loop.
- RTSP dissector crash.
- SES dissector crash.
- Sniffer file parser crash.
* The following bugs have been fixed:
- Wireshark can crash during remote capture (rpcap) configuration.
- 802.11 capture does not decrypt/decode DHCP response.
- Extra quotes around date fields (FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME) when using -E quote=d or s.
- No progress line in "VOIP RTP Player".
- MIPv6 Service Selection Identifier parse error.
- Probably wrong length check in proto_item_set_end.
- 802.11 BA sequence number decode is broken.
- wmem_alloc_array() "succeeds" (and clobbers memory) when requested to allocate 0xaaaaaaaa items of size 12.
- Different dissection results for same file.
- Mergecap wildcard breaks in version 1.12.0.
- Diameter TCP reassemble.
- TRILL NLPID 0xc0 unknown to Wireshark.
- BTLE advertising header flags (RxAdd/TxAdd) dissected incorrectly.
- Ethernet OAM (CFM) frames including TLV’s are wrongly decoded as malformed.
- BGP4: Wireshark skipped some potion of AS_PATH.
- MAC address name resolution is broken.
- Wrong decoding of RPKI RTR End of Data PDU.
- SSL/TLS dissector incorrectly interprets length for status_request_v2 hello extension.
- Misparsed NTP control assignments with empty values.
- 6LoWPAN multicast address decompression problems.
- Netflow v9 flowset not decoded if options template has zero-length scope section.
- GUI Hangs when Selecting Path to GeoIP Files.
- AX.25 dissector prints unprintable characters.
- 6LoWPAN context handling not working.
- SIP: When export to a CSV, Info is changed to differ.
- Typo in packet-netflow.c.
- Incorrect MPEG-TS decoding (OPCR field).
* Updated Protocol Support
- 6LoWPAN, A21, ACR122, Art-Net, AX.25, BGP, BTLE, CAPWAP, DIAMETER, DICOM, DVB-CI, Ethernet OAM, HIP, HiSLIP, HTTP2, IEEE 802.11, MAUSB, MEGACO, MIPv6, MP2T, Netflow, NTP, openSAFETY, OSI, RDM, RPKI RTR, RTSP, SES, SIP, TLS, and Token Ring MAC
* New and Updated Capture File Support
- DOS Sniffer, and NetScaler