Scarica Wireshark 1.4.7 (32-bit)

Wireshark 1.4.7 (32-bit)

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# The following bugs have been fixed:
* AIM dissector has some endian issues.
* Telephony?MTP3?MSUS doesn't display window.
* Support for MS NetMon 3.x traces containing raw IPv6 ("Type 7") packets.
* Service Indicator in M3UA protocol data.
* IEC60870-5-104 protocol, incorrect decoding of timestamp type CP56Time2a.
* DNP3 dissector incorrect constants AL_OBJ_FCTR_16NF _FDCTR_32NF _FDCTR_16NF.
* 3GPP QoS: Traffic class is not decoded properly.
* Wireshark crashes when creating ProtoField.framenum in Lua.
* Fix a wrong mask to extract FMID from DECT packets dissector.
* Incorrect DHCPv6 remote identifier option parsing.

# Updated Protocol Support

# New and Updated Capture File Support
* Network Monitor.