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Avidemux 2.6.11

Od Mean  (Open Source)
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- [UI] Make refresh cap a tunable.
- [UI] Use delayed refresh.
- [year] we are in 2016 now.
- [mkv/demux] silence.
- [editor] Dont fail completely when there is a decoding error or a bad timestamp.
- [Gui] Change the behaviour of slider.
- [fade] very basic fade.
- [FadeToBlack] fix pitch and display.
- [Demux/pics] Manage error loading image more gracefully.
- [Core] Support for greyscale.
- [jpeg] Better compatibility with large headers.
- [mkv] Use time rather than position to map keyframes from cue.
- [editor] Fix pivot search when looking for the previous kf.
- [Editor/copy] drop frame is DTS is <0 .
- [ASF] Use duration of video, pretty ugly workaround.
- [demux/mp4] basic support for h265.
- [mkv/muxer] support opus.
- [installer/nsi] Try to do uninstall cleanly.