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Beyond Compare 4.0.0 Beta 18629

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Od Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)

* Notable Changes
- Change default color scheme
* File Formats
- OS X: Fixed File Format dialog not saving when formats are unchecked to disable them.
* File Views
- OS X: Fixed appearance of comparison thumbnails.
* Folder Compare
- Linux: Fixed pink checkmarks in file operation dialogs.
* Home View
- "Save As" selects new session in tree, even if type is changed.
- Fixed "our online shop" link
* Misc
- Fixed Import Settings checklistbox text selection color.
* Options
- "Restore Factory Defaults" now opens without anything checked.
- Tweaked File View Colors layout.
- OS X: Fixed color panel opening as black for unrecognized system colors.
* Scripting
- Fixed -closescript command line switch.
* Text Views
- Gutter selection/section bracket line now follows the gutter foreground color.
* Text Compare
- Fixed displaying just differences with gaps.
* Crashes
- Fixed crash when using "Check for Updates" or "View as Web Page" on Windows with recent updates.
- Fixed crashing when selecting 3 or more files to open from the folder compare with a standard edition license.