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- Improved surf protection notification popups.
- Fixed an issue of too slow quarantining of real-time protection detections, causing crashes and hangs.
- Significantly improved scan speed of Commandline Scanner when scanning single files.
- Improved error outputs of Commandline Scanner.
- Fixed some glitches of long console outputs of Commandline Scanner.
- Added support for “remove on reboot” in Commandline Scanner cleaning.
- Improved communication between Commandline Scanner and other protection components for more stability.
- Improved error handling in Commandline Scanner.
- Internal code improvements in the licensing system for more stability.
- Changed the way the protection is stopped when shutting down the software.
- Improved settings storage and backup system.
- Fixed an issue in cleaning engine which caused a failure to remove references in specific situations.
- Fixed a potential crash bug at program startup.
- Minor wording change in updater window to avoid confusion about update finished status.
- Redesigned permissions settings dialog.
- Improved and fixed permissions handling.
- Added a couple of new help icons next to GUI controls.
- Custom scan page now remembers name of settings file that was loaded/saved.
- Improved stability of real time protection in case of high number of malware detections.
- Fixed a problem with Windows safe mode.
- Fixed several potential crash bugs.
- Fine tuning of the installation process.
- Improvements in license handling and license settings.
- Fixed a server OS detection problem.
- Fixed a potential crash bug when removing host rules.
- Fixed incorrect infection types in quarantine list.
- Fixed a problem with decisions cache in real-time protection.
- Fixed a few permissions related issues.
- Fixed an occasional performance problem when cleaning infections.
- Several minor GUI improvements.