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MediaInfo 0.7.77

Od MediaArea.net SARL  (Open Source)
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- MXF: files having only a video stream and an ancillary data stream were having incorrect second video stream
- MOV: detection of r210 CodecID as raw RGB
- Ancillary data: detection of all metadata blocks (previously: only the first one was detected)
- MPEG-TS: Wrong demux of TSP (188+16 TS) files having PES with only padding
- MediaTrace #2: XML malformed with Flags items (hotfix, flags meaning disabled in XML output)
- MediaTrace #3: XML malformed with some MP4 files
- MediaTrace #6: XML duplicated attributes
- MediaTrace #10: versioned xsd, creating library name and version
- MediaTrace: XML content was not escaped
- Amazon S3 support (REST API v2), CLI/DLL only and if compiled with libcurl support: Analyze file on s3 was not working if secret key contains / character