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PDFCreator 1.4.1

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Od pdfforge  (Open Source)
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PDFCreator 2.0.2

# Improvements:
* Support for large print jobs (> 4GB)
* Very basic support for managed group policies. PDFCreator settings can now be set through group policies. Note: The settings user interface will show the policy values and will not deactivate the respective UI elements. If the users saves the settings, the policy values will be saved to the user's registry.
* Improved PDFCreator Windows explorer integration
* Improved setup: There could have been problems replacing the pdfcmon.dll during the setup
* Includes Images2PDF 0.9.1
* Updated PDFArchitect languages
# Bug Fixes:
* There was a problem where some users could print to PDFCreator at all with the version 1.3.0 to 1.4.0. We finally have found the reason and have fixed this
* Fixed a problem with special chars in metadata using auto-save mode
* Fixed some other minor bugs
* Set Minimum Windows Version to WinXP SP2