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PeaZip 5.4.0

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Od Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)

* ZPAQ backend updated to 6.54
* New UI design
- Tabs replaced by new option menu button on the bottom left corner of the form on Add, Extract, Password, Password Manager, and PeaLauncher
- Tabs replaced by new side tab bar for unified Settings/Theme screen
- Improved archive manager tool bar, with visible dropdown menus for quick access to archiving and test functions
- Improved and simplified various menus
> New navigation (bookmarks, filesystem, history, and functions) menu set as primary address bar's navigation menu
> New "functions" menu mode, providing quick launcher for most used functions and A-Z functions list submenu, replaces functions button
> Improved breadcrumb menu, set as secondary navigation menu (alternate navigation menu, navigation bar context menu...) replacing older menus
- Improved "Open" branch in navigation bar merging Functions and Application groups
* Added "most used", "last visited" and "date added" information stats to bookmarks, can be used for sorting bookmarks
* Unified "Save history data" (Options > Settings) checkbox controls saving list of last accessed archives, paths, searches, and bookmarks/history stats
* Updated pre-set web search and cloud services
- Yandex Disk and Sharepoint are now added by default to known cloud paths
* Various minor fixes and improvements
* Implemented flags to remove 1) original archive(s) after extraction 2) original files after archival
- Always asks for confirmation during interactive tasks
- Can be saved/scheduled to scripts
- Apply (and remember) favorite deletion mode: recycle bin, quick delete, zeroing, secure delete