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SketchUp Make 15.2.687

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# SketchUp Release Notes
* Fixes/Improvements:
- Fixed a crash that occurred at program startup on some computers.
- Fixed a crash that could occur while exporting certain complex models.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the number of segments in a circle or polygon.
- Fixed an issue that caused SketchUp Make to launch with a “SketchUp Pro is expired” dialog on some computers.
- Fixed an issue where escaping from the Classifier tool resulted in no tool being active.
- Added all currently supported IFC export Types to the IFC exporter Options dialog.
- Fixed an issue where certain labels on the Welcome dialog could temporarily be blank after entering a license.
- Mac: fixed an issue where SketchUp could lag when switching from a document that has lots of scenes to a different document with few or no scenes.
# LayOut Release Notes
* Fixes/Improvements:
- Windows: fixed an issue where the gray text could go missing in the label attribute picker.
- Fixed the issue that was causing the left align button icon to include the tool text when dragged to a toolbar (customizing toolbars).
- Windows: fixed a rare crash in LayOut that would occur during the close process.
- Fixed a rare crash due to a problem within the text inspector when LayOut launches.