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Wireshark 1.12.7 (64-bit)

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# Vulnerabilities fixed:
- Protocol tree crash.
- Memory manager crash.
- Dissector table crash.
- ZigBee crash.
- GSM RLC/MAC infinite loop.
- WaveAgent crash.
- OpenFlow infinite loop.
- Ptvcursor crash.
- WCCP crash.
# Bugs Fixed :
- DCE RPC "Decode As" capability is missing.
- Mergecap turns nanosecond-resolution time stamps into microsecond-resolution time stamps.
- The Aruba ERM Type 1 Dissector inconsistent with Type 0 and Type 3.
- Parse CFM Type Test signal (TST) without CRC.
- Tshark: output format of rpc.xid changed from Hex to Integer.
- Not stop -a filecount <COUNT>.
- lldp.ieee.802_3.mdi_power_class display is wrong.
- Powerlink (EPL) SDO packages interpreted as frame dublication.
- Mysql dissector adds packet content to INFO column without scrubbing it.
- PIM null-register according to rfc4601 is incorrectly parsed.
- Wireshark Lua dissectors: both expand together.
- Link-type not retrieved for rpcap interfaces configured with authentication.
- SSL Decryption (RSA private key with p smaller than q) failing on the Windows 7 buildbot.
- [gtpv2]PCSCF ip in the Protocol configuration of update bearer request is not getting populated.
- wpan.src64 (and dst64) filter always gives "is not a valid EUI64 Address" error.
- Websphere MQ Work Information Header incorrectly showing "Reserved".
- DUP ACK Counter resetting after Window Update.
- CSV values missing when using tshark -2 option.
- Ethernet PAUSE frames are decoded incorrectly as PFC.
- SOCKS decoder giving strange values for seemingly normal SOCKS connection.
- 802.11ad decoding error.
# New and Updated Features:
- New Protocol Support
- Updated Protocol Support
- New and Updated Capture File Support